Home Additions in Vancouver

Whether you’re outgrowing your home or just simply want to increase the value of your property, an addition is a significant investment and one that needs a lot of thought and consideration.  With ever rising housing prices in Vancouver, adding onto your existing home may be your only smart and viable option.  Choosing the right construction company for such a large and complex project is of the utmost importance.

We at Little Star Renovations have been taking on home addition projects for over ten years, and we’ve strived to bridge the communication gap between client and contractor that can often occur.  We believe that communication is key; it is our priority to keep you well informed of changes as they occur and we do our best to be there for your questions and concerns as they rise.


This West Vancouver home, pictured above got a complete overhaul from top to bottom.  Like many of our projects, it hadn’t seen a renovation since the 1970’s.  The fun part of this home addition was creating a new master bedroom and bathroom addition, and tying it into the house to make it look like it was always there.


Along with the addition, we blew open walls to give them a huge, open living space.  Gutsy moves like this always reap the biggest reward; the homeowners ended up selling the house and making a huge profit!


For your home addition project, call Little Star Renovations. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas and answer all of your questions. We look forward to working with you!

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