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When you envision your perfect bathroom, do you see a place of retreat and sanctuary? A calm, tranquil space to unwind in after the day is done? You most likely do not see in your mind an overcrowded, poorly designed and badly lit room, which is unfortunately what many home bathrooms are.

At Little Star Renovations, we excel at redefining and redesigning your unique bathroom space.  The right lighting package, cabinetry tailored to your organizational needs, new fixtures or updated tile will add to the value of your home, but we also hope will contribute to an overall sense of calm in your home.  Whether it is a complete reconfiguration or just a new soaker tub, Little Star wants to provide you with the best possible bathroom space to suit your needs.


The picture above is a basement suite bathroom renovation in a home located in the trendy Commercial Drive area of Vancouver.  This is a great example of a modern, minimal style, where we used concrete, a vertical grain fir vanity, and a carrier toilet to create clean, simple lines and a highly functional, beautiful bathroom space.


This downtown Vancouver condo bathroom renovation pictured above was built to suit the homeowner’s vision of being a “dream to clean”.  To achieve this, we went with all high gloss features and also some great, funky accents, such as the blue backlit vanity and matching black tap and shower hardware.


This North Vancouver client had used our services before and was looking for a bathroom renovation that was a little out of the ordinary, which is what Little Star enjoys doing most!  She wanted her tub at floor level, which required an extremely precise install and even more precise tile job, as you can see above was expertly executed. To bring the room together, we chose to accent with a gorgeous, custom made, reclaimed fir floating vanity, and custom backlit mirror.

Little Star Renovations is here to help with your bathroom renovation project. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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