Born and raised in the UK, Jobie was raised in a creative environment with an architect product inventor for a father and painter as his mother. Being innovative and creative seems to be “in the blood”. Jobie founded Little Star as a way to supplement his musical career but eventually and naturally grew to the point were music went to the back seat. Jobie’s love and passion is to build and create. “I want Little Star to be a trusted household name. I want our projects to be designed and executed with thoughtfulness and care, and I want to keep clients for life.” Jobie lives in Deep Cove and is a father of four. A busy life for sure but he’d have it no other way.


Project Supervisor

Sam was born and raised in Kamloops and has been close friends with Jobie for over 18 years. They share the battle scars and the good memories for chasing the music dream and now building a renovation company, Sam is Little Star's project supervisor, not a job for the faint of heart! He owns it and does it well; Sam truly cares about your experience and does what it takes to make your project stay on track. Sam is a proud father of one.


Design & Project Coordination

Pip… the darling of Little Star! The loveliest of ladies Pip raised in Australia but calls Canada here home has been with the company for over 5 years. Pip studied Architecture, and spins a lot of plates from building your quote, design, scheduling, and being Jobie's right hand lady. She loves her job and it shows, it's never a bad day in Pip's world. Pip is the proud owner of a loved character home and a very spoiled dog, Manny.


Design Coordination and Administration

Monica, the newest addition to the team, was born and raised in Brazil, but calls Canada her home. Monica has a degree in civil engineering, draws all our professional floorplans, and takes care of our Buildertrend hub. She’s been a great addition to the team.


Head of Construction

Greg, who has been with Little Star for over 7 years now, is our head of construction. Greg is an integral part of what makes Little Star successful. He is the man to go to when you have a question on structure and basically anything carpentry related. He has become a close friend to Jobie and holds the same old fashioned values of truth, great work ethic, and pride. Greg is a proud father of three and never says never!

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