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Your commercial space is the face of your business.  It’s layout, design and colors are the first impression your customers will have of your brand.  Whether you are looking to optimize your space and increase flow, or to attract clientele and enhance employee satisfaction by making a few updates, a commercial space renovation is key to improving your business.

We at Little Star Renovations understand just how important it is to create a brand we are proud of.  So much thought and detail go into running a successful business, and we believe those unique ideas should be translated into form in your commercial space.  We take pride in building a space that reflects your company’s vision and style.


The coffee shop/Turkish art gallery project pictured above is located just off of Main Street in Vancouver.  We were faced with a few challenges in this commercial space renovation we had to adhere to a specific opening date, and we had to crane in 20’ long, solid fir beams, and mount them to the concrete ceiling!


The natural materials of fir, brick and concrete accented with Turkish rugs, and custom designed wood stump stools and tables made for a gorgeous, welcoming room. In the end, we delivered on time and they were extremely happy with their space!


To learn more about our commercial renovation services and how we can help your business with your renovation project, contact Little Star Renovations to schedule a consultation!

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