Growing up in Cornwall, England, Jobie Mallett, owner of Little Star Renovations, was surrounded by the art of construction in different forms. His father was an architect and product designer, and from a young age Jobie spent much of his time on job sites with his father, renovating old homes on a tight budget where creativity was essential. Throughout his life, Jobie continued to cultivate his own creativity through the avenues of music, construction and humanitarian work.

When Jobie decided to start Little Star twelve years ago, it was as a means of making money to supplement his musical passion. He hired all his band members to work with him, but over time Little Star began to blossom while the band faded, due to marriages, children and changes in priority and lifestyle.


Always fascinated by people, business and entrepreneurialism, Jobie threw all his energy and creativity into developing this dynamic company with his motivation being to build a brand that is trustworthy, long lasting, with happy, repeat clients. Honesty, courage and customer care are the pillars of his vision for Little Star, and his clients will attest to the lengths he goes to provide and deliver on his commitment to “go the extra mile” for them. He also continues to employ his friends, who are more like family, and strives to provide a fantastic work environment for them.

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Jobie makes his home now in Deep Cove, BC with his wife, Terra, and his four beautiful children.

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